Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Help: The Voices in My Head...

Hi girls!

This is just a quick post.  I read so many of you chatting about Mad Men and how you use the referencing from their voices to narrate and connect to the characters in our book selection.  I do the same thing!  We all pull from the schema in our minds to bring life to a character.

As I was searching for information on our book, I came across a sample recording of The Help audio book.  I listened to a short part of it and now as I read, Aibileen's voice is clear in my head.  Just wanted to share!


  1. That was fun! I enjoy listening to books for that very reason...I like to have the voices in my head :)

  2. Yes, Kim, keep telling yourself that! We all like the voices in our heads - you know, I'm just kidding. I am constantly talking to myself or the dogs.

    Ok, here is something to giggle about. Well, it made me giggle when I thought about it! I love baby stuff - clothes, gear, apparatuses and of course the babies themselves. This started at a young age for me. I even worked at a Laura Ashley store for 5 years and always wanted to buy the beautiful clothing that was marked down to just pennies but never did - because what would people think if they opened my closet and found all that stuff? Mental case, right!
    Being a woman, we are queens of justification so I was trying to figure out how I could listen to my kindle on audio and carry it around while I do housework and everything else I need to get completed today. A Baby Bjorn, right? My DH would probably think I completely flipped my lid if he came home and found me vacuuming and listening to my Kindle with it strapped in to a Baby Bjorn! But I could tell him it's for when we finally have that baby. But I won't! That is say it or do it!

  3. I like that phrase "queens of justification"... so true. :o) I can relate... but I NEED it!

    So, Nancy, do you actually own a Baby Bjorn, or were you thinking your Kindle portability invention was just the sort of justification you need to get one? ;o)

    I have two baby items - a book, and a bib. The bib is bright green like grass and has a sheep jumping around on it... and it says "The Good Life". I have a good life now, but when that bib is around a chubby little neck, it will be the best life.

  4. Not yet - scared it will jinx me. I do like your bib and I completely agree!

  5. I went the other way with baby stuff...We bought a crib and have a half decorated nursery. My mother has a closet full of maternity clothes :) Sometimes it helps me to remember that I WILL be a mother one way or another. So, actually, I could probably justify the Baby Bjorn pretty easily to Mark :)


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